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Recent findings by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2006) illustrate that the environment’s capacity to support agriculture, fisheries, and forestry has been substantially undermined in sub-Saharan Africa. Respect for the environment is integral to the development of sustainable communities.

We will promote interventions that enhance, rehabilitate and protect the environment and the  ecosystem while minimizing the negative environmental impacts of economic development. 

At the village level, we will educate the community to better manage their farms, businesses and landscapes in ways that promote more trees, biodiversity, and carbon storage while improving crop fertility and developing renewable energy supplies. Better management of natural resources can sustain and even raise incomes.

Environmental Objectives
  • Build community awareness
  • Improve soil through farming practices
  • Protect the water supply from pollution  
  • Identify appropriate tree species and plants and establish nurseries 
  • Identify sustainable strategy for small-scale businesses (mango, coconut, cassava production)
  • Facilitate links with government environmental personnel and/or local NGOs
  • Build and use rainwater harvesting technologies
  • Engineer structures to control erosion 
  • Improve livestock management
  • Integrate sustainable pest management  
  • Establish biodiversity management 
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