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Investment in the villages’ infrastructure (access to mainland, roads, energy and communication) and related services will have transformative effects in all rural communities by improving livelihoods, health, education and business skills.  

Facilitating energy, transport and ICT services are critical steps in the rural economic development. 

Energy Goals 
  • Improve cooking systems
  • Introduce/re-introduce solar power
  • Provide electricity for water pumping
  • Provide basic lighting for school, community centers and households
  • Provide energy services for health facilities
  • Improve recharging services 
  • Set up Emergency Response System
  • Extend electricity grid
Transport Goals
  • Address community-based transport needs
  • Establish better access to mainland
  • Establish better access to roads
  • Establish better access to schools, markets and hospitals
Communication Goals
  •  Enable access to radio, mobile phones, the internet 
  • Create community of these media to improve knowledge from outside sources of information
Water and Sanitation 

Potable water is key to the health of a rural population. Improving access to water and sanitation by developing proper facilities will also enhance environmental conservation.

It is critical that we select appropriate technologies to achieve sustainability in our interventions.
  • Provide water point planning, construction and maintenance
  • Decrease distance to water points 
  • Reduce livestock densities around conventional water sources 
  • Promote community-based sanitation and hygiene programs (including at school)
  • Build skills in water and environmental management
  • Construct water purification systems
  • Ensure regular water quality monitoring and education
  • Construct composting toilets or latrines

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