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“Microfinance is one of the practical development strategies and approaches that should be implemented and supported to attain the bold ambition of reducing world poverty by half.” (UN Millennium Project)

Financial sector access and microfinance are essential for growth in impoverished rural areas. Microfinance will help to improve the livelihoods of the villagers by creating more businesses and more jobs.  We will help villagers to achieve better livelihoods through small scale farming enterprises; microfinancing will be available to provide support for mango, cassava, tomato, fish and other farming.  We will also assist existing individual businesses by providing machinery, tools and vocational or other useful training. The loans will be relatively small e.g. to buy basic farming equipment, raw materials for basket weaving and making textiles or fishing rods and nets for fishing businesses. Because of the interconnection of financial power, poverty and position of women in society, microfinance will play an active role in improving economic equality in the villages. Increased economic power will enable women to improve other areas of their – and their children’s – lives. We will support voluntary approaches to empowering women through skills, literacy, numeracy, and economic rights to help them engage in non-farming employment.

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