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Moba Village & Moba Sea Beach

The village of Moba is a calm village with palm trees and a long stretch of beach land; it is a coastal village between the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean in the west of Badagry. It has a Badagry Creek-front and the Bight of Benin Sea-front. It has a population of approximately 300 people. The Moba village is both a fishing and an agricultural community. The agricultural products are: coconut, cassava, beans, maize and grass reads used in making sleeping mats. There is no market or market structure. The migration of men to the mainland accounts for the prevalence of women at Moba Lagoon, the majority are either very young or elderly. The Moba Sea Beach community has a predominantly male population. Basic infrastructure is non-existent. The inhabitants of these Moba communities are very poor. The Moba Primary School has 210 pupils from Moba and other neighbouring villages. Classes run from 8am to 2pm. The lagoon side inhabitants are Muslims and the ocean side inhabitants are Christians. They live together in wonderful harmony, celebrating their festivals and holidays together.


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