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Irewe is an Awori Town about sixteen {16} kilometres South West of Ojo. Irewe is situated on the Island of one of the Badagry Creeks. From east to west, Osolu-land is about 40 kilometres, bounded in the east by Ikare town and in the West by Iwori town. There are thirty-seven {37} towns and villages settled by Yorubas of various kinds, Eguns and Hausas. There are thirteen {13} shore settlements of Ketas who came from Gold Coast [Now Ghana} 1922, they are expert sea-fishermen.

Founded by Edinni in the 16th Century. the place known as Irewe meaning “A PLACE OF FORTUNE”.

Irewe people are mostly farmers and fishermen. The women are mat weavers and petty traders. Their main agricultural products are coconuts. There are very large coconut plantations belonging to individual farmers on Osolu land.

There is a Primary School established in 1941 known as Native Authority Primary School, and also a secondary school established in 1980 known and called Osolu Community High School.

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