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Igbo Oja Communities

Nla & Kekere

The community of Igbo Oja is located in Ojo Local Government Council in Lagos State, Nigeria. The inhabitants of the community are the Ghanaians and the Aworis (Lagosians). It is claimed that Igbo Oja as a whole comprises of 4 Awori villages and about 4 Ghanaian communities. The affairs of the Igbo Oja communities are overseen by a traditional ruler (Baale), Chief Adele Jimoh. The population here is estimated to be around 240 people. Like most other island communities, the inhabitants of Igbo Oja are majorly fishermen, farmers (Coconut and Cassava) and traders.

As is popular within these areas, the community is void of social amenities like light, good water, etc. The most prominent infrastructure here is the generator powered boreholes. Unlike the neighbouring communities, Igbo Oja cannot boast of solar power. The other is the presence of a missionary school, St. Francis Catholic Nursery and Primary School.

St. Francis Catholic Nursery and Primary School is a privately owned school and unlike most schools found in other communities has a reasonably well taken care of building that accommodates children from within and outside the Igbo Oja Communities. The community people are satisfied with the quality of education offered here.

There is no secondary school within Igbo Oja. Consequently the children go to either the Model College at Ajido on the mainland or the Osolu Community secondary school at Irewe should they wish to continue their education. These high schools are situated a good distance away and the pupils usually stay on as borders as the cost of transportation is about N300/day.

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