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Ago-Ajo has a biblical origin meaning ‘the Tabernacle’ (a place of shelter for the Ark of Covenant) in English. The tabernacle, in the times of Moses, served the dual purpose of being the place for making offerings and supplication to God as well as being the “community centre” where the Israelites gathered whenever God wanted to talk to them through Moses during their journey to the promised land of Canaan. It was the precursor of the Synagogue and the Temple, and our present day churches. The area presently known as Ago-Ajo was formally known as ‘Eti Oko Erin’ (By the Forest of Elephants). It was uninhabitable until the arrival of Snr. Evang. Bola Adewunmi (the Founder, fondly referred to as Baba Ago-Ajo) in 1976 at a friend’s invitation.

Ago-Ajo is a village situated in the west of Badagry. It is bordered by the lagoon and the mainland of Badagry. It has a population of approximately 50 people. The area is very poor. The advent of a Celestial Church has brought a significant improvement in the religious outlook of the people, especially among the young ones. Ago-Ajo possesses very fertile land hence most of its residents are farmers engaging in cultivation of cassava, beans and maize. One can find delicious mangoes, pineapples, coconuts and African apples growing freely. The peaceful and serene atmosphere in the village with local beats from Ago-Ajo’s charming church creates a feeling of tranquillity and calmness.

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