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Our Mission and Goals

The Mission Statement:
We will establish a coalition of experts to develop a model for sustainable communities across rural areas of Lagos State.  We aim to use appropriate green technology and renewable energy systems where possible, as well as drawing upon local resources to improve livelihoods. We will create a community in which community revenues are invested back into the community, thereby ensuring a “ripple effect” of influence and growth.

We will prioritize basic services – healthcare, education, electricity, clean water, sanitation, nutrition and necessary housing through public-private partnerships, co-operatives and/or by partnering existing local organizations and NGOs.

We will rebuild homes with solar power, composting toilets, water cisterns and solar cookers;  landscape with edible plants; manage human and by-product waste; incorporate sustainable fish farming and organic coconut and mango and plantain farms. These innovations will increase food supply and nourishment, provide clean air and water, assist in the development medical care and provide sanitary working conditions.  

We will moderate the degree of business development to ensure a successful business model before we tackle the long-term goal of regional expansion.

Our Vision:
We look forward to a time when every person, whether living in an urban city or a small village, will enjoy a minimum standard of living and the opportunity to make their world a better place, for themselves and others. Sail Harbour Foundation is committed to making that vision come to life... one step at a time.

Creating Local Sustainable Enterprise. Creating successful, self-reliant and sustainable enterprise-based activities in developing countries requires networks of diverse organizations, ranging from for-profit businesses to local communities, not-for-profit organizations and other actors. Together, these operators can work to create value in economic, social, human and ecological terms.

The Financial Anchor: Successful networks require at least one business enterprise to anchor the network and secure its financial viability.   

An Overt Social Mission: Businesses with an overt social mission are a vital part of the networks.

Sustainable Outcomes: Such networks provide an opportunity for businesses, communities, individuals, governments, development agencies and NGOs to acknowledge a shared asset base and construct virtuous cycles of asset growth and sustainable outcomes.

• Profits and reliable returns on investments 
• Local economic development and trade
• Enhanced quality of life (human development and ecological enhancement)
• Individual and community economic self-reliance

 Watch the Video Introduction from Ago-Ajo, Moba & Pete Pete Villages Project by Sail Harbour Foundation 

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