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The numbers*
*based on L. A. Primary School, Moba Sea Beach

school age (4 – 11 yrs)
children in the villages

200 children in the community should attend LA Moba Primary School but only 120 is attending it now. Extreme poverty

means some children to stay
at home to help with the house
work or farming/fishing
the year the school was built
refurbishment and/or
improvement projects the
school has undergone since 
uniform per child, the annual quota
distributed by the government
(and therefore insufficient
by the second day of school)
6 hours
of time for the teachers’
commute to/from school

accommodation provided
for the teachers
opportunities for children
to go to secondary school,
due to distance and expense


There is a truly genuine belief amongst the villagers that education is vital to a better, more successful life.

Education interventions will form a crucial part in our ongoing and future projects. There is one primary school in Ago-Ajo, Moba and Petepete villages (Badagry Creek, West of Lagos, Nigeria). Built in 1981, the school has not been subject to any refurbishment or improvement since. It has no library, no books, no electricity, no computers, no lunch facilities, no lavatories and there is a critical shortage of chairs and desks.

Education Objectives
  • A health education curriculum developed specifically for primary schools, to include:  life skills, adolescent sexual reproductive health and hygiene.
  • 100% attendance in primary school (construction of single-sex latrines, community mobilization, provision of sanitary supplies, facilitation of scholarships for secondary school).
  • A program of nutritious school meals programs to boost enrolment and attendance. 
  • The provision of electricity in schools and lighting alternatives at home to enable increased study time and the use of computers in school as well as independent study at home.
  • Development of education committees/Parent Teachers Associations (PTAs) to support the community and ensure that all children are enrolled and attend primary school. 

Approach and Strategy

  • The school building, staff room and classrooms refurbishment. Key infrastructure development includes a safe source of drinking water (there is an untested well nearby) and the provision of electricity (a grid will need to be brought to the village). Single sex latrines will need to be built.
  • Extracurricular activities will be arranged for all children.
  • We will create Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs) to capture out-of school youth and adults who have missed their opportunity to enrol in or complete primary school. 
  • English classes and/or other practical life classes will be provided in the evenings for adults and the elderly. 


Advocacy, awareness and partnerships will be formed with local teacher training facilities, national and international NGOs working in the education sector, as well as local government and the Ministry of Education of Lagos State and other relevant domestic and international governmental ministries such as the Department for International Development in the UK.


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